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Mid Week

In a way I'm glad the day is over.

Got absolutely nothing done of any significance. First there was a meeting in the boardroom next to my office. The group in there were extremely boisterous. They didn't bother to close the door either and after about an hour of trying to tune them out I was about to get up & tell them to close the door they closed it. The noise didn't stop though as they kept going in & out of the room on mini breaks. Finally after it was over they stood outside the room talking & laughing for about 20-30 minutes. I got up & left to talk to a co-worker until I saw them leave the floor. People have no respect that others have to work too. I understand they enjoy their work but please don't disturb others in the process. Asking them to stop is like talking to a brick wall...gets you nowhere. I may scream at them next time to see if that will make a difference or maybe turn on music which now that I think about it usually get's people to shut the door. Guess most don't like Rock from the 60's & 70's or alternative music.

People's Choice Awards tonight cracked my up....very funny. Sasha BC's comments about Johnny Depp's characters in Willy Wonka & Alice in Wonderland were priceless "He's made it fashionable for creepy old me to give candy to children & to invite little girls 'round for tea." ROFLMAO. Also suddenly realized during Ashton Kutcher's acceptance speach that his twitter name is actually read as a+k (his initials) but I've been reading it as (all one word) aplusk wondering why he chose that. Duh I'm such a dork sometimes!

I've gotten back into a regular yoga routine again w/ lady__croft  & I'm thinking that this is why both of our shoulders are suddenly so sore...I don't have an explanation otherwise!
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