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Le Weekend

Spent the weekend cleaning & purging things that I do not need as well as redecorating the house...moved some things around. Got rid of  a lot of crap in the kitchen. Must tackle the CDs in the storage closet and move some more things around & it should be ok. Lots of stuff going to Good Will.

Also watched the Lord of the Rings as well as The Two Towers this weekend. Watching Return of the King sometime this week. I forgot how much I loved the movies....oh my the Elves bring back such fond memories. Oh & I found my bow & 3 arrows in the closet. Also found a bunch of NHL game used hockey sticks from players which I'd forgotten I'd been given..I hope none of them will be too upset I forgot about them *coughscottstevenscough* lol.

Tomorrow it's back to the copper minds of Egypt as the saying goes! Not looking forward to those crappy weekly Monday AM meetings starting again. Praying they will end soon.

Tuesday I go to the Ophthalmologist. Stressing on what the prognosis will be for my eye. Must stay positive that all is healing & will be well.
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