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Dream on...

Another weird dream...must be because Auntie Rose is visiting...are you ready for this one?

Dreamed that Matt Damon & Ben Affleck  picked me up in a Lamborghini (Ben drove) that seats 9...yes I said nine people...2 up front 3 in middle & 3 in back. They then drove me to dance class at this prestigious school where I was late. I explain and they sent me instead of the the belly dance class to the ballroom class with this male teacher. He was someone well know (although I do not know him). He then decided that he would let his assistant take the class over and they went to another room. I was supposed to learn some new choreography for an upcoming competition...ended up listening to a female teacher complain about not being made a partner in the business since she comes up with alll the innovating new classes and as they are her ideas she should be compensated fairly. Again weird....
Tags: dreams, period
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