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Dreams of things other than sugar plums dance in my head...

Having the most bizarre dreams of late...

1. me removing a demonically possessed cabinet door and yelling at the inanimate thing that in the name of the Goddess it couldn't not stay then taking the thing out to the garbage & the screws in the door fell out in the elevator but I made sure they were all picked up

2. someone trying to kill me while I was staying in a hotel/motel room but I got out & made a decoy trip on the bus going in the opposite direction than I was supposed to...west instead of east

3. being in class and unable to read text in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics (I actually can read AEH) & getting frustrated because I couldn't see the words properly

4. Saying good bye to everyone at school because I was graduating two best friends Joe & Dan & a girl who I don't know plus giving a pep talk to a new girl telling her when I was new to the school & just sat down next to Joe & Dan & started talking thus making new friends. Also going out for drinks with a teacher....she was a nice teacher. Playing soccer on the pitch in the giant school stadium. Weird.

I'm sure these correlate to something going on in my life in the AE hieroglyphics one I know what it refers to but the others I have no idea right now.
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