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A Spanish Christmas

Spent last evening listening to A Spanish Christmas with the Toronto Consort (chamber music) at St Paul Trinity's church. The music was beautiful with the mandolin, harp, recorder and the beautiful voices of the choir. The concert was a lot shorter than the ones I've previously been to.

When I got home lied down on the couch only to wake about 3am then headed off to sleep. When I woke up at a reasonable hour my right eye was swollen...I think it's because slept with make up until 3am which I haven't done since highschool. I can't see in even with my glasses I can't read out of the eye...too swollen. If it doesn't go away by Wed I'm heading to the doctor. Not sure if I'm going to be able to go to my writing critique group or Zoomit's Annual Christmas gathering. I can't go looking like this...I took a pic but it's so awful I'd never post it.
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