Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Subway stall

Zipped over to my Dad's this evening. When I left the subway had a fire at St George station and all subway between my Dad's and there was not working. So figured I'd take the Wellesley bus. During the whole fiasco a JANITOR...ya that's what I said was giving out information about alternate routes. This is my beef with the communication. Shouldn't there be announcements at every station coming from the booth guy telling passengers what is happening? Oh hell no and the TTC has the audacity to ask for a fare increase....f-off. After 20 minutes service resumed and I was in line to get on the Wellesely bus but aborted that in favour of getting on a train.

More and more problems seem to be developing on the the cave in a few weeks ago that left thousands stranded & no info from the TTC on alternate route...naturally!

Stupid TTC....means TAKE THE CAR
Tags: public_transit
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