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My mother's lesbian jewish wiccan wedding...

Last night went to see My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding. I wanted to see this when it was playing at the Fringe Festival but it was sold out and oddly enough only an hour long then (not sure what they added to it now) but OMGS it was funny in a typical Canadian way. For some reason I didn't remember that it was a musical. Songs were a bit cheesy but they fit with the play. I did really like the Wicca 101 song. It had a catchy hook as well as the title song.

Basically a play about a woman Clare (Jewish) who moves from Saskatchewan to Ottawa after a divorce where she meets Jane (Wiccan) and they fall in love. It's told in (1) narrative by her Clare's son and (2) song + dance (the entire cast). I can't even begin to retell the jokes. You have to see it for yourself. At the end they show pictures of his two mums and the wedding. I loved the small scene where they spoke Hebrew during a funeral scene - you could have heard a pin drop during that scene mainly because half the audience was Jewish the other half lesbian. I kept looking around for the Wiccans but didn't see any although prolly half the lesbian were Wiccan LOL!

Go see the play as it might not show much longer. It's only about an hour & a half with no intermission. Tickets are not expensive either.
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