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Tis the season...

In less than an hour it will be December. Everyone seems all geared up for Yule/Christmas. Yet again my heart just isn't in it...even more so than usual. I feel there's even less Holiday spirit this year...and everything just seems more things one doesn't need & give when one doesn't have the means and somehow one is made to feel less than if they don't have the money. I know part of it has to do with the AD - the lack of sincerity, the pretentiousness, the hypocrisy on some peoples part all under the guise of "doing good works". Another part has to do with me...the way my life is right now...kind of on hold like someone pressed the pause button. Also part of it has to do with the fact that little things that make the season brighter is now dim in comparison to the global crisis' we're facing.

I was told that I worry too much about the world and not enough about myself and that I should stop fill the well every once in a while so as to bring things back into perspective. Maybe...and maybe next year I will feel more like rockin' around the Yule tree.
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