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Le Weekend

Fabulous weekend that is ending all too early....Friday hit the Wellness Expo 2009 at the Convention Centre with lady__croft & Melissa. Eight dollars got you a weekend pass to all the exhibits. I got an awesome Ayurveda facial treatment free from Pure + Simple my fav spa who was exhibiting there as well as a Reiki treatment (not impressed with them) from the Reiki Centre. We were there 'till closing at 9pm. So of course Saturday it was back to Expo round 2 because we didn't have time to see everything. So happy I found a Rhodocrosite bracelet to match the pendant I already own (been looking forever it seems to find)! Plus lady__croft and I got these neat pendants made from a stone called Shungite - think Egyptians black statues...bumped into a hot guy as well but he was gone before I could get his number. Also wanted to get an aura photograph taken but in the end didn't but wish I had! :(

Saturday evening was filled with the magic of the Fae as we headed off to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at Hart House. Great production/direction by Jeremy Hutton who's vision of the Fae as Gypsies was just perfect although the setting of the play in an Athens that was more reminiscent of Victorian London threw me for a loop at first. The Gypsy dancing was superb. I found the two actors in the roles of Puck & Oberon were great making you forget there was a tad too much slapstick comedy, the acting on the part of the actress portraying Titania was a bit over the top where she & the actor as Bottom were mimicking of the movie roles of Kevin Klein & Michelle Pfeiffer. Overall a very good adaptation which I enjoyed.

Today was all futbol/soccer starting at 9am with the Juventus game and then the pregame leading up to El Clasico with Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. Sad to say Real lost still Sergio played a fantastic game :D but Gago didn't make the trip at all :(. Didn't get to start my Q letter because HBO is airing a 25th Anniversary Rock n Roll Hall of Fame concert from Madison Square Gardens and I'm diggin' the music and electric guitar riffs of Metallica, BB KIng, Sting, U2, Simon & Garfunkel, Ray Davies, Ozzy Osborne, James Taylor, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder and a host of other musicians preforming duets and tribute songs together.

It's late...I really should go to sleep now lol.
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