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Purcell's King Arthur - Tafelmusik

Spent last night at Trinity St. Paul's church with lady__croft listening to Purcell's music set to King Arthur a combination of chamber music mixed with opera & narrative well the prose was more like King Arthur The Tempest...but it was absolutely lovely none the exquisitely happy when Tafelmusik puts on this type of performance and I actually have time to go. Sadly only a few young people were were well...elderly. I guess chamber music is lost on most 20 somethings which is too's just so beautiful to listen to.

We sat next to an couple who were prolly in their 90s but sweet. The man was telling me how they wouldn't let him in even tho the performance hadn't started yet but the musicians were just tuning their instruments. I told him he should complain as he missed the entire first 2 acts and could only come to his seat at intermission. Think the ushers were a bit ridiculous because I mean how much noise could he have made he was very frail...again the performance hadn't started. He said he was trying to find a parking space. Stupid ushers. Hope he complains and gets a refund or something.

Amoung the other inexpensive artistic performances (under $25) that I'm really looking forward to are:

A Spanish Christmas

December 12, 2009

Who can resist the flashy rhythms and sensuous melodies of Christmas celebrations in the Spanish-speaking nations of the world? From both sides of the Atlantic, we bring you a fiesta of early music for the holiday season, with harp, guitars, percussion, winds, keyboards and voices. From the solemnity of motets by Victoria and Guerrero, to the intricate cross-rhythms of villancicos and dances from Latin America, this is Christmas celebration at its most delightful.

Still need to get tix for:

UofT's Hart House production of A Midsummer Night's Dream directed the fabulous Jeremy Hutton (love most of the plays he directs) which is only running for 3 weeks so we need to get tix asap!

Also want to see My Mother's Jewish Lesbian Wiccan Wedding at The Panasonic Theatre...runs till mid Dec so are - they keep extending it but who knows if it'll continue much longer. I wanted to see this when it was at the Fringe Festival earlier this year but it was sold out....tiny venue back then. Fringe has some of the best theatre in the city if you can get into the one you want....hey they once did Star Wars the musical.


Based on a true story, My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding tells the story of a mother and her teen-aged son. The mother feels lost in life, wrestling with her identity. A new job brings new opportunities and with it a chance to truly find herself, discovering her sexuality, rediscovering her faith and coming out as a lesbian to her son, ex-husband and homophobic Jewish mother. My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding is for every mother who has ever come out to her children as a lesbian... and a Jew. It is for every girlfriend who has met her future lesbian in-laws... at Hooters. And it's for everyone who's ever been in love.

lots to see & do leading up to Yule! Anyone else going to any of these?

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