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Hair there baby

My hair stylist made her long overdue visit this evening. Whilst she snipped at my long (too long - as in half way down my back) locks we discussed travel to Central America. She is Nicaraguan so was getting the scope on Costa Rica vs Belize as they are near her home county. I was leaning towards Belize in terms of a short inexpensive getaway spot but she tells me that Costa Rica is more "westernized" with tourism as forerunner in their economy whereas Belize has more poverty and more uncultivated jungle. Jury is still out on the destination of choice. As for my hair...she cut in the usual lovely layers plus I told her to cut bangs that stop at my chin. There was lovely pile of curls on the floor when she was finished and a lovely cut of locks on my head. I am pleased with the results. Also discussed is me colouring my hair back to a lighter colour....this dark although nice but I need something more. I miss my blond and when I coloured it a lovely shade of red. The idea is to lighten so when my roots grow in it won't be so noticeable in contrast and they will blend with the lighter colour. Might do this 'round Yule. We'll see. I dont think I'll go dark again....

Tomorrow amdisa and her bf are coming over...her bf is going to look at the hall closet door I put a hole through with the broom handle when I tripped over it (ya go ahead & laugh). Broom saved my head from careening into the kitchen door post. Also the tap is leaking so he's going to look at that too...he may have to removed and  install new ones I won't know until tomorrow.

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