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Free for all Fridays

H2O Plus was having a 25% off sale for members only...met lady__croft at the EC to get some much needed products in my favourite  "Sea Salt" Spa line...can't get enough of it. Since I used my birthday discount to stock up the only thing I really needed was the Sea Salt Shampoo, also got a manicure nail brush. I wish I'd got Conditioner as well considering I'll probably need it down the road.

Also popped into Chapters-Indigo to pick up a book on Egyptian thinks that this book was the original book that came with an Egyptian oracle deck I am fond of which comes with a different book that is less informative. I think at some point the publisher decided to go with a less informative book at print this one separately. Either way I'm loving it so far...

It's le weekend...and I survived the week after being on vacation!

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