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It's Friday!

Went to Pure+Simple spa...nothing extra ordinary just a little tune in the waxing variety if ya know what I mean. I really do need to schedule a facial for next month and I absolutely need to check out a spas that do massage & reiki (P+S doesn't).

Also headed over to Gifts of the Earth and The Carrot Common in Greektown. There woman behind the counter didn't know what half the gemstones were and she was a bit rude. Have a good mind to call the owner who's in on Monday (overhead her phone conversation) to tell him so. Really if you're working with crystals at least employ someone who knows a thing or two about them. Geez. Anyway ended up gettinga  small crystal ball and a quartz donut which I very nicely made into a cool necklace (amdisa has a similar jasper donut). I used to have a jade one but I gave it to Karl and programed it to protect him. Karl and I have since lost touch. Sometimes I wonder how he is and if he still has it. He told me when I gave it too him he tended to wear things until they were so worn out they fell off.

Gods tomorrow is Halloween. I'd say Samhain too for those who celebrate it on the 31st but I go by the astrological clock for Sabbats. I find energies are stronger and also align more that way...

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