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Cirque du Soleil 's OVO

Went to Cirque du Soleil's OVO yesterday. I still can't articulate the show's awesomeness. Imagine....dare to dream! I want to run away and join the circus,,,how many times have I said that? Plus omgs I wish I was a contortionist or at least part of a Spanish Web duo... I know sounds kinky and it could be except that it's done dangling form a rope or sheet type rope about 50ft off the ground or thereabouts. Yikes :/ or Yikes! ;)

Still the entire show was incredible...absolutely stunning! OVO is about the day in the life of insects. It takes you though an colourful ecosystem teaming with life where a mysterious egg appears and the insects are awestruck and curious about this object that represents the cycle of life. There's even a cute love story in it between a ladybug and another insect.

This is not your average circus act like the olden days with animals, busker type acts, and cheap tricks. The show is a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment...a combination of dance, acrobatics, trapeze acts, character acting. There are contortionists, handstand artists, Slack wire acts, high wire acts, trampoline acts, foot jugglers, acrobats, Spanish web (rope/sheet) artists, stilt walkers and the most fantastic music put together into a symphony of light sound and stunning costumes to create a sophisticated show unlike any other. This is the future of artists, artisans et autres complices!

Best acts were the handstand balancing dragonfly - I think my overall favourite, the Spanish Web butterfly duo - sensual, the contortionist spider - no words can describe, the cricket trampoline act on the wall and the girl who walked face down on it was freakin' fantastic, and the cockroach trapeze act...and one guy (all men on the high wire) when he did his triple summersault missed and fell....yes there was a net thank the gods! He got right back up there, tried again and he nailed it perfectly! Did I mention that the musicians were dressed as scarab beetles? The lady bug adorable as were the foot juggling ants! There was even audience participation and one of the ladies chosen sat in the seats we almost bought which meant that I COULD HAVE BEEN IN CIRQUE DU SOLEIL but lady__croft
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