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Halloween has come and gone...there's a chill in the air that wasn't there yesterday. It seems winter is sending a reminder that it's just around the corner.  I miss the sunshine despite the beauty of the changing tree colours. Nothing feels right of late. Nothing seems to want to click into place..just this endless waiting...for what I don't know or maybe I do but just don't have faith enough to believe. There's a sadness in me I can not define...for something lost maybe or maybe something that will be lost. What I do know is that I seem to cry at a moments beauty holding on to it's preciousness for these are rare of late. In the chaos of night, in the asking of a innocent question, the gods seem to reveal the secrets of the universe. Can these be true? If so what are the ramifications? Can it really be that easy or did I just misinterpret the Oracle? I have such doubt in me...maybe when the cold winds blow they will bring answers I seek.
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