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Staycation = wtf was I thinking

Three days into vacation and I haven't done anything remotely interesting.

Friday I slept most of the day. Saturday went shopping and got Chili Chicken for dinner, watched the Real Madrid match. Sunday watched Juventus play, went to Staples to get post it notes and made lady__croft some bath scrub (my specialty)...yes this was how exciting my birthday was. I really wish I could thro the ultimate Halloween/Samhain party on my birthday as in all out costume ball type thing...I heard Katy Perry's (who shares my birthday) party got shut down by the cops lol. I love my birthday week off usually but this time it seems so blah. Not that I didn't enjoy the relaxing day. I did...*sigh* Today is Monday and what did I do? Cleaned mostly and did some laundry. I fail at vacation where I don't actually go anywhere. Keep seeing something about Fiji every was no exception. Still have no explanation for it. I'm procrastinating on homework too which has to be done by Wed.

amdisa might come into town on Thursday....lady__croft is taking the day off work so we can all hang...that'll be cool. Maybe I can talk them into going to the crystal store Bead and Rock as I haven't been in ages and they've never been there. I really need to go soon. Also want to go to Gifts from the Earth too....maybe if I get homework done tomorrow I can go there on Wed....*crosses fingers but does not hold breath*

I still need to find a spa that does both massage and reiki so I can set up some sessions as Pure+Simple does not do this. Which reminds me need to go to P+S to pick up products I"m out of and I'll prolly go this Friday. I need to get my hair cut too. I hope June can come next Sunday. My hair is past the middle of my back it's that long. Too long really. Saturday is Cirque du Soleil and I'm looking forward to that. The show is in a tent and the bathrooms are outside. I hope it's warm on Halloween just in case I have to use the loo!!!

Still need to watch Quantum Communication...I watched about an hour of its three hour length.

Why does everything seem as if it's on someone pressed the pause button on my life? I really should complain...I have a pretty decent life it's just that I want more but don't know how to get there from here kind of thing.

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