Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Le Weekend

Weekend went by in a blur. Somehow errands and cleaning took over my life. Did end up getting up early to watch Rafa Nadal vs Feliciano Lopez in the semi-finals at the Shanghai Open before running out to grocery shop. Feliciano retured due to foot injury at the early part of the second match so Rafa won 6-1, 3-0. Also the Real Madrid vs Valladolid futebol match. Sergio almost scored which would have been fantastic. I am still miffed about what the team president Perez said about defenders and not putting much stock in their sellability. I'm pretending he forgot about Sergio becaue he's more marketable than the entire team put together...he should read fanboards sometime!!! Gago is still injured but the did put in Higain and he scored.

Sister had her annual birthday bash today....good food, good people, good times! The dogs were fun to run and play with too! Traffic was just crazy took us 45 mins just to get out of the downtown core...partly due to accident on highway and partly due to the marathon which blocked streets. I really think that these marathons (almost a weekly weekend occurance) should be held away from the highways or on streets with less traffic to avoid tying up traffic. I'm just saying. 

Need to get shoes but no time to go...maybe next week. Also need to cut my's almost to my waist...yup you heard me right.
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