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Life in the City... was filled with errands...groceries both Market and Sobey's, laundry etc

Did get a chance to watch some tv shows I missed....still have not been able to watch Supernatural. I heard the True Blood aired in the UK...I'm wondering what they think of the's such a hit over here. Also watched some Greek on DVD which is always good. OMGS can Wanda Sykes be any funnier...watched her HBO special "I'ma Be Me!"

I heard Gonzalo Higuain scored the first goal in the Argentina FIFA match...thank the gods...they were labeling him saviour of the team after being called up. Now that he's scored he can maybe relax a bit, take the pressure off...then again maybe not...especially since they were loosing until today and one game doesn't cut it. Or maybe it does...still I hope Maradona quits/is fired and Luis gets the nod to coach then he can call Gago back up (hopefuly he's be off the injured list by Nov) and they can get back on a winning streak!

Commercials for Fashion TV have me drooling and wondering who the hot, blond, long haired male photographer is that they show during the montage....anyone know...anyone? Time to dust off my photography degree and apply to be his assistant *wink* Hey I'm perfectly qualified and then some if ya know what I mean!

Heading over to the ROM tomorrow with lady__croft  and amdisa ...Egyptian Book of the Dead, Dead Sea Scrolls and the 10 Commandments exhitbs all at the museum at the same month at the AGO has the King Tut exhibit coming...this is why I love living in the city...where else can you see all these plus the myriad of other things to do at any time of the day or night! And if you want a bit of quiet time...head over to a spa or one of the many green spaces and discover walks throughout the makes me appreciate living here where I can recharge in the Summerhill reservoir where trees, and brooks and hawks and robins then head over to the theatre or museum before dinner then go dancing at the local club all in the same day/night!!! I guess I"m just feeling grateful I live in a city that is so diverse where I could never be bored where I can find that balance between quiet time and fun time!
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