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Where do we go from here?

Life = crazy, weird

Weekends are way to frickin' short....Didn't get to do anything I wanted this was rainy and migraine flareups kept me in bed sleeping on and off most of the time. Autumn is my worst time for migraines. Watching both Juventus and Real Madrid games at the same time is rather stressful...I figured that neither would win and the last minute non goal by Sergio Ramos was painful. He would have equalized the game but it just barely went wide. *BIG SIGH*

Way behind on watching TV shows...Supernatural and Bones particularly...why are all the shows I like on the same day(s). Thank the gods for PVR and Rogers cable with their time zone channels as well as their tv shows on demand otherwise I'd just skip watching everything but TBBT and Fringe! Strange thing is I don't really miss the shows I'm not able to watch what does that say? I did catch the new Stargate: Universe...verdict is still out on it. A couple of the characters are interesting but nothing grabs me much. It seems very much like the new Battlestar Galactica which I didn't watch as it was annoying. I'm old school when it comes to Sci Fi...original is the way to go. Going to give Universe a chance though but watching the 2hr pilot was painful in that I really missed Ronon Dex from SG: fact all of the characters on Atlantis but Ronon was made of awesome that I can't even articulate. Other characters on Atlantis grew on me so that's why I'm going to give Universe a chance to do the same.

Cried about Rutger....miss him terribly...don't know how to fill the hole he left behind. Guess time will fix it although doubtful.

Strange mixture of dreams and meditations as well...

I need some sense of normalcy back to my life...I work and I sleep and not much else except class for 3 hrs for 1 day. How and why have I come to this point in my life? How did it change so drastically? When I'm in class it's like I'm in another world and when I come out the bubble pops and nothing feels remotely right. I wish I had answers for these and other pending questions....

Edit: Found hematite-magnetic the laundry basket inside my sock! Thought so!
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