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Was missing Rutger today....tears flowed. I'm ok though and thanks for asking.

Both Real Madrid and Juve played this afternoon/evening. I got to see maybe an hour of The Ramos and The Gago play before had to leave for class...was sad to leave tho' as the game was just getting good. There's something grounding about sports. I need grounding right now too!

Long day today...was falling asleep in glad when break came. My muse did wake up from her bender briefly to shoot some ideas my way on tying everything in FINALLY. Then she promptly went back behind the dumpster! Hope she get's back permanently soon!

Was given a Guatemalan worry doll ... when I first got it I put it on the altar then moved it to my desk.. This afternoon I actually held it and was immediately comforted. I then did a Google search on how they were supposed to work exactly...usually they come in a set of six but I got only one from a priest from South America who came to visit. You tell the doll one worry and put it under your pillow when you sleep. Doll takes the worry to the power(s) that be for you and you get a good night sleep. Mostly the dolls are given to kids in Central America so they don't worry and can sleep at night plus it also lets kids give their stresses to a higher power to deal with. Gods know I need a good night sleep these days...I've already told it my biggest worry and now I'll let the sweet thing do it's job. 

So many crazy things going on...too tired to delve into all of it. Needless to say psychic attacker has been dealt with! Do not feed the beast!

I lost my laser wand upset but as lady__croft reminded me is that as I so often say to her crystals sometimes leave of their own free will which is true they do that. Maybe it wanted to leave although it sat with my other crystals for such a long time. Who knows maybe it'll come back or maybe it went to do what I had intended it to do but on a spiritual level which is why I'm feeling more at peace now. If it wants I hope it comes back to me. Also misplaced the magnet and Hematite anklet I made...hoping it's stuck in a pair of pants or socks but I haven't exactly looked for it either.

Been playing with crystals for a couple of weeks now...will give an indepth update on that later!

Changes they are a comin'!!!

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