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Goodbye dogs days of summer...

There’s a chill in the air today, the green of the trees is slowly turning to reds, yellows and oranges. In silence autumn has crept up on us despite sunny days and occasional warm winds. The air smells slightly sharper too. With this change brings a restlessness of mind, body and spirit that I can not explain- it has always been so for as long as I can remember. Lazy summer days brings a languid of the spirit but as soon as cooler days arrive so does a wanderlust to sunnier places…I want to be where the air is tinged with salt, the sand squishes between your toes, seagulls call your name and the sea meets sky as far as the eye can see! Yet I am still here bracing for the cold and snow that inevitably will come in the next several months wishing for warmth of the sun to stay forever. Sadly yesterday I bought a pullover sweater or as the Brits say jumper in anticipation of the dark days. *sigh* Went looking for shoes too for soon wearing sandals will not longer be appropriate but found nothing that will suffice – will look again soon. Is there a fast forward button to next summer? It seems it comes and goes all too fast. With the change in seasons also comes my birthday in a months time thoughts of throwing a wicked Samhain party. Last couple of years my heart wasn’t in it but the need to plan is still there. Maybe this year Destiny will find her way to my party disguised as a birthday gift!

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