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Sad day today..Patrick Swayze died RIP 1952-2009. My assistant had to put her dog down...cancer they think. So sad had to console her but she was there for me when Rutger died so I understand.

The world of sports has been a little strange of in MIA...didn't see much tennis this year only cuz TSN decided to broadcast it on TSN2 and Rogers didn't get the channel for ages due to contract negotiation breakdown...Rafa was injured most of the year and he has a tear in his abdominal muscle and although it's only 15mm it's still kind of scary. I hope he takes rest of year off and comes back for the year end Shanghai finale so he can heal well. Juan Martin del Potro def Roger Federer to win the US Open and that was a good match enjoyed it immensely. Haven't seen Sergio Ramos play on RM or Team Spain since I don't know when...he's been injured with tendonitits. Gago has been injured.too but at least he's back now and GOLTV has been sporatically showing RM games for whatever reason. In terms of the Argentinian National Team they are on a loosing streak and everyone is pointing fingers at Maradona and rightly so...his blatant refusal to call up Gonzalo Higuain is pathetic...Maradona has a vendetta against GH and there are rumours he's going to call him up but not Gago or Heinze anymore...stating that the reason for sending Gago down being Higuain and Gago dont get along....what a load of crock and bs...both players are on RM and work well together...Maradona needs to watch some RM games if he's that clueless...I'm thinking he wants to set GH up for the fall by sending down his best midfield in Gago and when there's no midfield to create good plays so Higuain can score then Maradona can blame the team loss on Higuain sighting the player's inability to score...I am hoping that Maradona is let go and Luis Zubeldía aka hot coach from Lanus becomes the Argentina National Team coach and both Gago and Higuain are on the team for November's game at the Bernabeu! Oh and I almost forgot on Gossip Girl last night they mentioned that the character of Serena Van der Woodsen(sp?) slept with Cristiano Ronoldo sometime during the summer break....ROLMAO but srsly Serena needs an STD test imho.

Speaking of which the new fall lineup of shows are driving me nuts only because Tues and Thurs are the worst nights everything is on then or going to be once all the shows do their premieres...and just how am I supposed to watch 2 or 3 shows at once? Thank the gods for time-shift channels and the fact that sometimes the Canadian channels and US channels don't broadcast on same nights...still it's a challenge especially when I want to watch everything in HD and can't cuz shows are on at the same time!

Class starts very excited!

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