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A Funny Thing

Happened on the Way to the Forum.... we got waylaid in St Jacobs at the market...I'm still kicking myself for not getting those amber beads!  Wtf was I thinking? Other than that the market was interesting..spent a minimal amount of money on peppers, tomatoes, grapes and the best banana chocolate chip muffin ever! Walked around checking out the farm vendors and arts & crafts tables...lots of interesting stuff to see & buy.

Mary packed a picnic so we ate at a bench under a tree. I was soooo quiet. As much as I love the city ever once in a while you need quiet. Loved it.

Afterward we headed over to Stratford...haven't been there in about 5 years...still looks the same but some of the stores are no longer there...gone is Elizagoth, an art store whose name I never new and my all time favourite Lord and Ladies. I was very disappointed about L&L now I have to find a new source of renaissance/medieval clothing and there's nothing in TO especially since the closing of Excalibur *sigh*. On the plus side the Wanderer was still there and I got a dolphin ring to replace the one I lost at the AD about a year ago and although it's not quite the same as my original it's pretty nice. In addition Tradewinds was there too! lady__croftbought some clothing and I steered clear of the jewelry lest I go home in the poorhouse! Of course we dragged Mary & Ruth to these and they also went into a bunch of other stores. Picked up some native art on a magnet at Indigenous- a native art gallery as a gift for my dentist for his collection. They also had this fleece wrap/shawl in gorgeous aqua which was the ridiculous price of $76 but it was so soft, so warm, so pretty in colour I almost bought it if Ruth hadn't reminded us that fleece is 1/10 of that to actually buy. Still I keep wishing I had because honestly I don't sew and where would I find that colour? Kicks self again!

Dinner was at Bently's as usual then off to see the play which was very humourous. I loved the way we were addressed by the actor on stage as if we were patrons of ancient theatre before the play was presented. Immediately the atmosphere was transformed and I could imagine everyone in togas sitting in the amphitheatre eagerly anticipating a comedy. The actors performed a mostly slapstick comedy (although not a fav with me I did find a lot of parts funny), with sarcasm, and a bit of vaudeville thrown in for good measure. The premise of the story is that boy of wealthy roman parents falls in love with the courtesan girl next door but she is betrothed to another Captain in the Roman Army. And what happens when parents are away on holiday...the boy doth play....with a little help form his servants Pseudolus who in exchange for his freedom promise to help boy get girl! Basically the rest of it is standard mistaken identities, potions that are mixed up, men in drag, oracles, and oh did I mention long-lost children of the Erronius a character I absolutely loved and who's circuit (he made only 3) of the Roman hills on the advise of a soothsayer was hilarious!

Did I mention that this is a MUSICAL comedy?!?! Everyone breaks out in song lol....

Overall a fun time for everyone and on the long drive back I noticed that in small towns there are no streetlights (we normally don't drive but take the train) and that kinda freaked me out a large cities lights are on all the time. You can see down streets but in rural areas it's pitch black as in I can't see my hand in front of me and there is miles and miles of fields of nothing...imagine coming home in that?!?! Pass thanks. On the plus side you can see stars everywhere! At one point we were detoured down a very long dark stretch of dirt road by the local fire dept (fireman standing in the middle of the road with a tiny flashlight - we almost didn't see him it was so dark) with only the few cars in front of us to guide our way and miles of corn fields on either side of the road - no houses :/...I fell asleep after we hit Tim Hortons in New Hamburg for much needed tea and just as we got on the highway shortly thereafter (obviously I wasn't the one driving)!

I think it was sometime after 1:30am when we got back into TO.
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