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Out of town...

Off to St Jacob's and Stratford tomorrow...going with lady__croft , Mary and Ruth to see A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum which I've only heard good things about but how can it be bad when musical meets Ancient Rome LUVS! I'm looking forward to going...need to get out of the city since I've been cooped up here too long. The weather is supposed to be a balmy 22degrees C with sunshine all the way! Can't decide on clothes tho'.

Went to the Tooth Spa had to put in a temporary crown and send the mold off to the lab to be made. Will get fitted with the real one in a couple of weeks. Dentist also had to shave off a micro bit of my gum (it grows back) so that the mold could be made properly. Gums are a bit sore and pulsating right now...just rinsed with warm salt water...but according to Dr. Smith it will go down in a couple of days. Love going to the dentist we have good conversation and laugh a lot when my teeth are not being worked on! (and I did not give Joanne the dental assistant the finger despite what she may tell you :D)

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