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These days...

House seems so empty without el gato....strange almost. Haven't felt like doing much but I think the trip to the Ex made things feel more normal than it has of late. So much to do around the house not enough hours in the day....need to move furniture around. We couldn't do it before cuz with the little fuzz ball's blindness - it would have confused him.

Been watching the US Open Tennis...omgs how much have I missed watching Rafa can tell he's not at his best having missed so many tourneys cuz of his knee injury at least flashes of his old form come through in his play and if his knees hold out and he can get back into his old form quickly I think he could win the US Open. He may have lost his #1 ranking down to 3rd he's still #1 in my books! Looking at him though is so strange...he seems about 14 with his short hair and sleeved shirts....there's still some fire in his eyes but he looks tired to me. I certainly miss his shaggy hair and sleevelessness that made him look so aggressive on court that would scare the bejesus out of his opponents. He seems more timid and even a little docile now...I don't know maybe it's just me...but that's what I see...maybe if the gods willing he'll go back to the Rafa I remember and not worry so much about trying to look like Roger Federer a cliche #1 ranked player.Maybe I'm superstitious but since he stopped wearing the sleeveless shirts he's had a string of crappy luck with injuries etc...*shrugs*

Doing some crystal healing with Amber...hoping to heal something amdisa has noticed for a while but I've been sort of ignoring. So we'll see....amber is a stone that needs to be used long term so will know better at end of Oct.

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