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Canadian National Exhibition

Headed down to the CNE aka the Ex today with lady__croft ...lots of shopping and walking - 7 hrs to be exact - but it was fun. Love the International and the Arts, Crafts and Hobbies sections...

CNE after dark exhibit was excellent with historical pics and ghost stories of the grounds the CNE occupies from the war of 1812 up to present day...a neat thing was a wall dedicated to anyone who wanted to post their own otherworldly accounts. Yours truly added her most recent experience at Winners...I could have filled the whole wall but it was pretty full as it was! I hope Andrew had a chance to go & check it out since we last talked after all he is head of the team!

I love going to the Ex near the end cuz the discounts are the best. I assume vendors don't want to lug all that stuff back to their homes or shops so they mark it down and thus got some jewelry (can't resist and it makes me happy)...particularly Amber bracelet at 60% off as I'm doing some healing sessions with it so I wanted to make a set to go with the rings and pendant I already have ! Also picked up some lovely Amazonite in a pendant and bracelet as well because they were too good a discount as to pass up and I negoteated a further $9 off of that price. Just wished I'd also gotten the rutilated quartz bracelet because it was pretty but I was trying tro be budget conscious. Found this seashell made into a purse that is perfect to hold TTC tokens so I got = LUVS!

Oh bought chocolate...Cadbury chocolate from BRITAIN which is the bomb! Plus Turkish delight covered in chocolate YUM...and got fudge- mint chocolate, orange chocolate and vanilla...I know getting a sugar rush just typing it all out lol.

And dried strawberries...nobody sells it in grocery stores but they should!!! AWESOME!

I tried RAMEN...liked it very much and I absolutely love SEAWEED omgs it's the best thing salty but sooooo good!

TIred now...feet are a bit swollen from all the walking but I had a blast!
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