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Life and True Blood and Merlin

Tired, cranky, emo and I want chocolate particularly chocolate do the math!

Nobody likes my dark hair...not even with the red in it which I think looks nice. My father and step mom like me does everyone else. I think I will colour my hair a honey colour as in honey brown or something for my birthday in Oct. Not that I'm doing it to please them as I do like the blonde better too to be quite honest it's just that I like the red but it's a bitch to keep doing...

Am getting a tattoo...just have to figure out where to go to get it done and where to put it.

Really enjoyed the Juventus game yesterday....really fun and exciting...much better than the Real Madrid game.

I start class on Sept 16th...looking forward to it...finally something for me!

Love the line in True Blood where the Queen (Rachel Evan Wood) said to Bill that he and Eric should just have sex together and get over their "feud". Nearly fell on the floor laughing. Think the writers have been reading fandoms or fan fic sites and accomodating what the girls want in those communities *snicker*

No Merlin last night...I think that season finale was last week where Merlin tricked Nimue into saving both his mother and Gaius...he did freak out on the dragon so wondering what that means for next season...dang hope it returns soon. Will check next week just to be sure. Oh Merlin and dork-king prince Arthur I heart thee!
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