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Life goes on...

Feel as if it’s been ages since I updated. Wish I had something particularly exciting going on but truth be told there hasn’t been and I’m not sure if it’s just a calm before the storm. Feeling antsy as if I’m waiting for something to begin *shrugs*. Been cleaning up mostly…still lots to do and to de-clutter but it needs to be done. We had a wicked thunderstorm roll through TO last Thursday night which resulted in 5 tornados and 2 possible tornados. In Southern Ontario O_O…can we say GLOBAL WARMING much!!! Fallen in love with late night radio particularly Coast to Coast AM which is a fun romp through spirituality, science, UFO’s/Aliens, conspiracy theories, and the paranormal! Makes me giggle at some of the stuff they come up with!!! Have to say the quantum physics stuff is my fav and the gang of The Big Bang Theory TV show would be proud well that is until they start bringing spirituality into it then TBBT boys are outta there! Oh how I wish they would mention it one a TBBT episode just so I can see Sheldon’s face ROFLMAO! Another fav has to be The Spaceman shows as well with I think it’s Art Bell and his 1960’s and Woodstock LSD-Cults conspiracy theory stuff. Highly entertaining if you get a chance to listen on Saturday nights. I miss much of the program usually but what I do catch is priceless! The guy is a trip if ya know what I mean *wink*! Speaking of UFO’s I was on the TTC when we stopped at Bloor Station…now remember I’m on the train not the platform and this electronic ad starts “make the TTC a Human Only zone” and I’m like wtf? I crane to see what it’s for then I realize as it starts flipping to different messages that it’s for District 9 the new Peter Jackson movie but it was very realistic for just a second and you could almost think it was some kind of news real. What really surprised me was that it was specifically geared to TO and the TTC…how many other custom posters have they put in different cities? And more importantly how much did that cost?! On Saturday took a road trip to my former writing proff’s book launch. Got me a brand spanking new signed copy of Lynda Simmons' Getting Rid of Rosie. Paranormal Romance genre. Will read it eventually after I finish with Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (see separate review as it’s just too good!) and after The Sookie Stackhouse novels and the House of Night series…tell me again how did I get suckered into reading all these series?!?!

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