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True Blood

Finally got caught up last night on TB...actually watched episodes 6, 7 and 8...omgs Goddrich is so frickin' adorable and srsly can Eric get any sexier? I'm glad Sookie stood up to Bill's "maker" whatever her name is but I think she might be back to get Sookie. So what exactly are Sookie and the bell hop guy? Mind readers yes but not exactly human as most the scene where the Bill's maker takes a bite out of him and the taste was different. This makes me think that down the line if Sookie wants to become a vampire for any reason she will not be able to (didn't read the books so no idea if it's headed that way or not). Feel sorry for Sam and I think he should reveal himself to the old police man as he seems nice and I think would understand especially after he said to Sam 'well you have no history or birth records' etc. I'm liking the Marianne storyline less and less..not that I liked it at all in the first place.

The ending was a real cliff hanger almost as if it was the end of the season but it's only the 8th episode thank the was that idiot from the LODI thinking going into a den of Vampires with a bomb thing strapped to him? Death wish much? I'm betting that Goddrich can get to him before he can actually press the button fully and it will be up to Sookie to untie the silver chains thus the vamps are indebted to her even more...

And on a final note when Eric leans into Sookie and whispers in her ear "trust me" I nearly died...*swoon* It's the same aslady__croft when Amauri does that to players after a goal (without the trust me part...I'm assuming...actually I have no idea what he whispers to them really)!
EDIT: a friend bought the Sookie Stackhouse novel series and told me Eric is even better in the books OMGS how can that even be?!?!
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