Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Real Madrid hits TO!

I was just on City TV talking soccer/futbol and Real Madrid...

So excited to be going to the game tonight. Our seats are super close on the visitors side. We had a third seat but just sold it! I even straightened my hair for this lol....ya I'm a nut!

Am a bit sad that Sergio Ramos and Fernando Gago are injured and didn't make the trip to North America...wonder just how injured Gago really is as he has a Argentinian national team game mid next week in Russia and if he'll be going to it! I want to bring a "I miss you Sergio" sign but it's not allowed at BMO field...nor are any kind of decent camera...oh well.  This is good promotion for soccer/futbol in Canada, Toronto FC and Real Madrid.

Gotta say this is a once in a life time experience to see Real Madrid in a tiny 20,000 seat arena up close and personal (there are no bad seats in there)...most stadiums you see them play in hold about 80,000+ seats and the only seats available are in the nosebleed sections..anyone who is a fan but not going is insane...the ticket prices are well worth what you'll see compared to European and most North American cities. Go buy a ticket if you haven't or you'll regret it!

See ya all at the game! Vamos Real!

ps/Sergio I miss you!

Tags: futbol, real madrid
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