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First day of Vacation...

While wandering downtown shopping at the Eaton Centre lady__croft  and I stumbled onto the Toronto Turkish Festival in Dundas Square (gotta love free events!)...tried Turkish tea which is just a bit stronger than normal tea and bought some jewelry of which I have little resistance to buying naturally - finally got the bracelet I've been searching for and a pendant - the kids who sold me the starfish pendant ($6) were just too freakin' adorable for words...and almost bought a horsewhip flyswatter from Africa (don't ask what that booth was doing at a Turkish Festival *shrugs*) because of a joke at the AD but decided against it in the end. The music and costumes were awesome btw...did I mention the hot guy? or the guy with the fabulous long hair?

Between shopping and the festival it was about six hours before we finally came home tired but content.
Tags: shopping, vacation
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