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Coldplay concert

Last night headed to the Coldplay concert....we left late figuring we'd get there during or after the opening act ...arriving about 8:30pm only to find out Manchester's ELBOW hadn't even come out yet but when they did they were great...very remeniscent of U2 meets a celtic in terms of their sound. Need to find their CD somewhere. At about 9:45ish give or take COLDPLAY hit the stage and were fantastic. Chris Martin rolls and runs around the stage like a 2 year old at the playground. They got the crowd jumping with Viva La Vida and singing along to Fix You which was even better live! Highlights included a guitar version of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean in which the crowd sang along enthusiastically despite only haft knowing most of the lyrics. Ever see a cellphone wave? It's something to behold in a darkened arena of at least 50,000 people doing it = made of awesome! Btw it seems TO's garbage strike didn't escape the attention of Mr Martin as he thanked the fans for wading through crap to get to the concert! Plus he's funny too as he appologized to the crowed because due to the tour's length he forgot to get his hair cut but that it didn't matter becuase even TO's hairdressers were on strike *ouch* but it was all in good fun.

I had an amazing time with the only drawbacks being that they kept the roof at the Rogers Centre Skydome closed because of the large video screens hanging from the rafters thus making it a bit too hot inside with all those bodies swaying and clapping to the music, the general admission floor seating put our seats much further back than I would have liked and would normally have been sitting,

Plus I think Coldplay's people needs to work on stage design by creating pathways or walkways through or over the audience for the band to perform on - just an observation!

Concert ended late for a Thursday...walked the half hour home and ended up crawling into bed at 1:08pm tired but contented!
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