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King Arthur & Vampires...

no not together...although that could be interesting....*ponders this*

True Blood was Eric light last night *narrows eyes*…I missed the only scene with him in it at the beginning *head desk*. The storylines are getting very intersting. Characters Jessica and Hoyt are adorable together…young love! So good to see Hoyt finally telling his overbearing mother where to go more or less. Poor Sam he never can catch a break and here we were hoping against all hope that Daphne would turn out to be good for him…alas no such luck. And I missed the scene that showed more of Bill’s past and the vampire who turned him. Someone fill me in quick because what I did see left me going “wtf?” Scariest yet funniest of all is that Light of Day Institute and the cliff-hanger that left us wondering would Bill be able to save Sookie this time? Hell can he find her in the basement of a church? I’m betting that Eric does that…but then again what do I know?!


And Merlin was made of awesome last night…they mentioned Merlin’s true name of EMRYS…the show can change the entire storyline for Arthur and Camelot but just incorporating that one small piece of information/lore makes me want to cry and hug the writers and it redeems for all its flaws although srsly I like the re-imaging of the legend. *happy sigh* Did I mention that I LOVE THIS SHOW TO PIECES and do not want it to end EVER!

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