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Fang Bangers and mash

Last night on True Blood they did a flash back to Eric as a Viking dying from a battle wound and how he was made into a vampire....scene was spoken in the Norse language.... O_O Can someone please send ERIC over here asap! Today in Entertainment Mag they were doing the whole Team Bill or Team there was ever a choice? Sorry Bill but move along this girl is Team Eric all the way. I want a walk on vampire part with Eric on that this too much to ask?

Today Es said the most ignorant idiotic thing...I love her dearly but sometimes ignorance just gets under my skin. She was discussing a women who is slightly unstable that comes into the MT where she works. To make a long story short the woman is married to a man who is Greek Orthodox and is getting an annulment. Es indicates that the woman's reasons were because the Greek man practices voodoo and Es believes the woman because Es knows other Greeks and they all practice. I looked a her and told her that I highly doubt all Greek people practice voodoo as it's primarily a Haitian practice as well as those in New Orleans and mostly likely the Greek man is practicing paganism of Greek addition I didn't want to go into the long difference between Voodoo, Vodoun and African origins etc etc etc with her as I was tired and didn't feel like arguing the point. I simply said that mostly likely if it is true he practiced something closer to the ancient roots of his Greek people of which Es decided that it was emphatically true that all Greeks practiced Voodoo period. I shook my head and stopped it there. I mean really to lump any form of paganism or occultism under the label of practicing voodoo is just assinine IMHO. Not that long ago a similar conversation took place where Es said that all people who consult tarot are dealing with the devil otherwise who else would give information about the future but the devil....Srsly WTF is she kidding me with these beliefs? Catholics and their superstitions....srsly annoy me. Do some research before opening mouth you might learn something instead of sounding like a idiot!

Watched a wonderful documentary on Ancient Egypt and the Afterlife on National Geographic channel...needs to buy the DVD asap.

Rafa Nadal is back practicing again after a leg injury has kept him out of playing for a couple of tournaments \o/ if only I get a chance to see him play soon as it seems that the season has mostly passed and I haven't seen much tennis this year /o\..

And on that note...good night dear friends!
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