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Real Madrid and incoherent thoughts...

They traded Javi Garcia today to some team in wtf wtf...I"m gong to miss him. Real Madrid is just not the same team as last year and it makes me sad...I know they'll be a good team with the new additions but if I don't like the players then what's the point really? I like the way Sergio and Gago play and of course Iker is a fantastic goalie... I'm not a Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaka fan, I don't even know who the guy from Lyon in France is and I don't really care how good they are...I'd rather have Fabregas, Gerard Pique, David Villa...hell even Nando (yes I did just say that!) and where does that leave players like Higuain when all the team owners care about is selling shirts? Poor Javi never stood a chance - I hope he gets a lot of pitch time in Portugal even if I can't see him play :(  It makes me wonder who's next.

Bye bye Javi...

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