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I see stupid people everywhere...

Today was one of those annoying days where you want to punch stupid people and tell them to get a life. Srsly. I'm stressed and need a vacation far away from morons. I'm taking a week off when Real come here and that can't be soon enough but it's not a real vacation and right now that's not in the cards right now....well not the sea sun sand small town where nobody speaks a whole lot of English type vacation...say in Spain or Italy or fuse is so short these days. I need to get out more...been cooped up too long...before I go crazy because srsly I'm a hairs breath away from totally loosing it. I'm frazzled to the point where I want to just walk away and never look back. I'm not kidding.

Hopefully I can take the class I want this Autumn and that might help.

I'm glad this day is over.
Tags: ad, vacation, wellness
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