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And the storm is about to blow

A wicked rainstorm just blew through the area with thick navy clouds gathering turning day into night and fierce winds driving the summer rain hard into Mother Earth letting up then pelting Her again. Lightening left gashes in the sky and the deep rumbling wasn't near loud enough. It was gorgeous but not nearly long I hope there's another storm front just behind it. *crosses fingers*. I have a migraine just hovering waiting to strike - that's the problem with barometric pressure changes. There's a calm right now that's a little's too quiet. And for some reason I'm freezing although it's 30 degrees outside.

Alls I can say is that if the storm had arrived a bit later we'd have all been caught in it while in the ravine :/ but we were spared as it hit earlier enough for us to veto the idea of going out...
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