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Le Weekend, BBC Merlin, and books oh my...

The weekend...way too short!!!

Saturday ran around in the drizzle doing errands and grocery shopping which brings me to breakfast....I realized I perfer breakfast on Sundays instead and having it while watching a DVD or a fubol aka soccer game. When I have breakfast on a Saturday it throws me off completely.

Sunday headed over to amdisa 's for lunch/dinner...she made this awesome casserole with tuna and mashed potatoes. I really need to get the recipe at some point. Also installed some software on her computer...I am now her computer tech guru....Also made off with some books...ok borrowed PC Cast's House of Night  series which I've been wanting to read...lots of hype over it. In addition, was given a copy Vampire Kisses: The Beginning (first three books in the series) to keep as amdisa had duplicates. Good thing I'm on a YA kick right now for books...eventurally will borrow The Morganville Vampire series too and maybe even The Vampire Diaries as CW has brought the series for TV. It's slated for the fall lineup and I am told it has a Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel too it. I'll watch the series and maybe read em later. Got a bunch of other books to read in between so as not to overload on the genre. I still have the Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series which lady__croft has praised and well  it's based on mythology dudes!!!

OMGS the BBC series Merlin started and I'm liking it so far...well aside from the fact that Merlin and Arthur are the same age and a few other minor inconsistencies which DO NOT detract from the story. Merlin is adorkable and I like what the writers have done with the magic's completely fantastical as modern effects will allow in television but doesn't seem out of context regardless of the legend stories.Arthur's a bit pompas but I"m assuming that he will eventually evolve into the Arthur we all know and love.  I just don't know where they're going with the Guinevere storyline. Last time read the Arthurian legends Gwen was not a servant of Morgana...left me wondering if this is Arthur's Guinevere or will that Gwen come later in the series? Because this is a re--imagining of the stories it's not inconceivable that she is Arthur's Gwen and as I said I'm ok with the changes which is surprising as Merlin is sacred in my world. Did I mention I love the character of Gaius? Overall I will be watching this in anticipation...

Which reminds me...I totally missed a couple of episodes of the second season of Legend of the Seeker...dang. I need to remind myself to set the DVR for these things!!!
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