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Vet,, bills, class

The results are back from the Vet. Rutger has kidney problems and high blood pressure. He is now on Fortekor which is for the kidneys and it also helps with high blood pressure and the heart. The vet is hoping to kill two birds with one stone and Rutger will not have to go on separate blood pressure medicine. I pray so too. The only side effect is if Ruger doesn't take to the meds then there is no other treatment. Two days and he's doing ok so far. *crosses fingers* Vet says the majority of cats can tolerate it. If he starts to throw up more than ususal then it's a no go. I think he'll be just fine! There are another two tests at the end of the month a blood test and another blood pressure test. So far we spent $600 in vet bills including medicine and the one at the end of the month will bring it up to almost $800...O_O.But I love my little fur ball....and hopefully we'll get a good portion of it back from the pet insurance people. *double crosses fingers*

In other news the class I wanted to take this summer and the one I've been trying to take since 2006 is full and the wait list is full to. I called to see if I could register in person because online was closed and was told the crappy news. Guess it wasn't meant to be...yet. *sigh*
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