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American Idol part 3 cute was Kris winning on Idol? He cried too! So sweet.

I am actually happy he won even though I liked Adam better Kris needed to win Adam did not besides Kris was better in last night's performances only because the songs picked for them sucked royally and the songs written for the winner of Idol was made of fail in terms of songs...didn't fit Adams rock style at all and barely fit into Kris's.. I suspect that Cara wrote it with Danny Gokey in mind.

I know Adam will go on to make a fantastic album and tour with some amazing rock band similar to Chris Daughtry when he made an early exit and then ended up touring with the great BON JOVI so Adam is good to go!

And wasn't Simon so gracious and complimentary with his praise for both singers? SImon get's a bum rap a lot of the time just because he speaks the truth and people take it out of context instead of actually listening to what he says and applying it to the performances. I almost always agree with him in his evaluations and critiques of each singer's performances. Of all the judges, Simon usually provides them with feedback that is constructive if they would just listen to what he's saying whereas the others just say "Yo dog I liked it" or "I love what you're wearing" etc.

Anyway...congratulations Kris....and Adam ROCK ON honey!
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