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Discovery walk

My arms are itching like crazy because I forgot to wear sunscreen while outside today. Although the trails are tree covered there are large open spaces where the sun shines strongly especially between 1pm and 2pm. We did cheer on a guy trying to cross the reservoir as he wasn't about to turn back once he saw a bunch of girls watching him and he made it to the other side after walking across a tree branch then onto a rock in the middle of the river then it was a jump to the shore where there was some water collecting in a small pool. He used the water to wash his legs as he was wearing shorts....ewww.... I suspect he'll probably get dysentery or something from the bacteria. Anyway he made it up the steep embankment and off he walked on one of the paths. Now Val said she figures he went down in the first place to check out the 6 pack of beer that someone left on a rock. Not sure if it was full or empty but definitely someone had a good Victoria day!!! We found the path that leads across so we don't have to rock jump across the reservoir river anymore and came up somewhere north of St Clair. We were told the cemetary was nearby.

I've lost some weight and my pants a bit too big now...and I just bought new pants but now they're falling down.../o\
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