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Addio 2017

Wishing everyone much love and peace in 2018!

Happy Winter Solstice

As we celebrate the longest night and the return of the sun, wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed Winter Solstice full of magic and fun!

do not know who illustrated this....let me know if you do so I may credit!


The Simon & Garfunkle Story

If you haven't heard of Simon and Garfunkle then move along this post isn't for you lol!

Went with LC who got tickets ages ago to the critically acclaimed concert style theatre show about the two Queens, New York musicians. Great show which played/sang a good number of their hits. The background consisted of photographs both colour and lots of black and white of the 60's/70's. There was dancing in the aisles folks!

If you like their music then you must go see it.

Alice Hoffman Q&A at Reference Library

Went to a talk/Q&A/book signing with writer Alice Hoffman at the Bran and Bluma Appel Salon at Toronto Reference Library with a couple of friends tonight. It's for her new book a prequel to Practical Magic called the Rules of Magic....it's the aunt's story.

Very cool although I didn't ask any questions as I normally would.

Library = free = WOO!!!

It's someone's Birthday....

Happy birthday to amdisa. Sending lots of love and good wishes. Hope this day is special!



Nuit Blanche 2017

After the Yoga and Wellness Show, headed home for dinner than out for Nuit Blanche (an all night contemporary art festival). It was my first NB...and probably my last.

The one exhibit that was a must see called "The Red Forest" by Netflix had a lineup was so long - a least an hour or more wait. It was inspired by the upside down world featured in Stranger Things (which I watch) as well as the  Blossom Maple Farm in Riverdale (I don't watch this) and an orc tree from the upcoming original film Bright (which I want to watch - think Alien Nation but with fantasy characters like elves & other magical creatures instead of aliens) and other stuff. White hazmat suits were given out to those going through the exhibit. Got to see some peripheral red lighted trees and that was about it. This exhibit was through word of mouth (media reported it too) and not listed on the Nuit Blanch site (I couldn't find it listed). I think they didn't want it to be over crowded but that backfired! Disappointing to say the least. lady__croft did walk thought this the Friday before on her way home from work as they were setting up but didn't realize what it was lol.

Tried to find an exhibit called The Stolen People which sounded interesting but it was in Nathan Phillip Square which was so crowded you coudln't find anything. The exhibits should have been numbered with those numbers being visible above the crowds. Read the short summary of The Stolen People here. I would have loved to see this dystopia society represented in art as it sounded so cool. Disappointing.

At Mackenzie House we were annoyed to find out in order to see the Mackenzie Project exhibit you had to have a smart phone to view it. Not everyone has a 'smart' phone or even a cell phone and nowhere in the exhibit info does it indicate you had to have a cellphone to enjoy the exhibit - see below:

  • "As twilight began to fade, Mackenzie lit a lantern beside him and kicked back with one of the day’s papers. He barely had a chance to begin reading the first paragraph when unfathomable sounds from outside began growing in volume. He rushed to the window, just able to grab the sill as a bright flash enveloped him. He opened his eyes to see a very different world out his window from the one he knew. Crowds of people stared up at him from glowing portals on his lawn as he incredulously stared back. William Lyon Mackenzie had been transported three centuries into the future to the year 2167."

I'm supposed to guess that "Crowds of people stared up at him from glowing portals" means cellphone? You've got to be @#$% kidding me!!!


The only exhibit we did manage to see was:

Life on Neebahgeezis (indigenous word for the Moon) which featured projected images of natural landscapes and those destroyed by industry and human impact onto 3 wigwams. They also had recordings of outdoor sounds linked to the projections which at times was hard to hear. Got some nice photos of these and the exhibit wasn't crowded at all.

I did get pics of a really interesting almost turn of the century style hot air balloon though...that was cool.

There were more exhibits farther out but I didn't want to bother going only to find out they too were over crowded and disappointing.

As I said, won't be going again I don't think unless there is something really really amazing. I've heard some complaints about Nuit Blanche before but just thought people were not doing their homework on the exhibits.It has so much potential but just not well thought out from what I could see and even the 'volunteers' weren't much help and that was when you could find one!

Grade: C (exhibits looked potentially good but you weren't able to actually see them).


Yoga & Wellness Show 2017

Use my free tickets to get into the Yoga & Wellness show at the Enercare Centre on Saturday!

It wasn't as cramped a space this time with all booths laid out neatly and lots of room to browse and walk around it. Some of the same vendors which is nice and lots of new ones...picked up a couple of inexpensive bracelets: rhodonite, rosequartz/amazonite I've been wanting. One vendor had a gorgeous labradorite/rainbow moonstone but at $65 I passed - way way way out of my budget at this time :( Also picked up a couple of ammonite fossils that came as a pair and so inexpensive I don't think anyone realized their true value \o/.

The food vendors though were another story...not much there and nothing I'd eat. Only things they had were sushi or Indian vegetarian with curry and I'm allergic to one of the spices used in curry so no thanks and also allergic to raw and shell fish so again no thanks. That was disappointing because one of the vendors at the other yoga show had these veggies wrapped in rice paper which I was hoping they might have at this show.

Nice show and relaxig to walk through without crowds or rushing.

Busy little bee...

Crazy busy right into mid November! Making a list of all thing things I'm hoping to attend.

  • Yoga and Wellness Show: Sept 30 - October 1, Enercare Centre (got free tickets and I have extra too) ✔

  • Nuit Blanche - September 30 (sunset to sunrise), Toronto downtown core (free) ✔

  • amdisa for Thanksgiving: September 8, Burlington ✔

  • Toronto Zoo - October 14/15, Scarborough (got free tickets)

  • IFOA - October 19 - 29, Harbourfront (looking for free tickets but if not meh)

  • Toronto Zoo - October 20, Scarborough (free tix)

  • Riverdale Farm Halloween Haunt - October 21, Cabbagetown (free)

  • Esmeralda's Halloween Party - October 28, Toronto (free)

  • Gem Expo - November 3 - 5, Hyatt Regency Hotel (got free tickets)

  • Whole Life Expo - November 10 - 12, Metro Toronto Convention Centre (usually get free tickets or $5 Sunday after 12 Noon)

Will add anything else that comes ups or that I may have forgotten!


The Word on the Street Toronto

So WOTS came and went today...it so hot out 30 degrees, 40 with humidity that there was no way I was going to walk outdoors checking out books in this weather. There's always next year!
Headed out to the RF and CSF this afternoon...

Never been to Riverdale Farm...such a lovely little bit of nature within the city plus animals. Took some great photos too. Want to go back for their Halloween on Oct 21. Hopefully the fall colour change will have happened but it's unusually warm this Sept with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius and humidity factors of 40 Celsius. Seasonal temps should be around 19 degree Celsius. Welcome to climate change kids! LC picked up a cool Hans Christian Anderson book for $1 - proceeds benefiting the upkeep of the farm - from the 1800s.

During our trip we discovered that the Cabbagetown (where Riverdale Farm is located) was having their annual street festival. Lots of vendors especially food. Got a Labradorite bracelet which has an amazing flash in it. Summer Fresh was handing out free salads \o/.

In addition, Cabbagetown was also having it's Arts & Crafts in the Park sale as well as garage sales in the neighborhood...so much to check out! I did pick up some natural ingredient body soap wrapped in sheep's wool which is a natural exfoliant plus some wool dryer balls which eliminate the need for dryer sheets (which we never use due to the horrible chemical ingredients) and the plastic balls we normally use in which small plastic bits come off in the high dryer heat and can sometimes get lodged in your dryer causing damage (didn't know that). Wished I gone back to the the larvakite pendant I saw at one of the booths...oh well.

I'm surprised we fit all this into the day! Good times and good sleeps tonight from all the walking.


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