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Marvel's Doctor Strange

Yesterday LC and I saw Doctor Strange. I have to say it is my favourite of Marvel's movies in so much as it's about the mystic arts which is right up my alley as they say. Meditation, energy manipulation, the multiverse, quantum/metaphysics, philosophy, intuition, shamanism, mandalas, psychic phenomenon, crystal healing, magic, even OBEs etc.

Now in the film they only use some of the above - think energy magic + the multiverse/dimensions + metaphysics/quantum physics + philosophy and that sums up what neurosurgeon Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) finds after recovering from a tragic car accident that leaves him with hundreds of pins in his hands from reconstructive surgery and unable to practice medicine when he seeks out Kamar-Taj - the Tibetan Monastery he learns about from Jonathan Pangborn who healed from an impossible spinal cord injury. The movie also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo, Rachel McAdams - Christine Palmer, Benedict Wong - Wong the Librarian, Mads Mikkelsen - Kaecilius and the amazing Tilda Swinton does a fantastic job The Ancient One whose character in the comics is actually a male Tibetan monk but was changed (or so I read) not because of white washing but because the audience in China won't watch a movie with a Tibetan character in it - that's politics for ya!

Doctor Strange has a ton of funny moments which aren't annoying as the ones in some of the other Marvel movies. The special effects are great and although I'm not a huge fan of finger tutting (we get it so why go overboard with it) it wasn't over done! My only issue is the holier than thou Baron Mordo who seems so cliche in his attitude towards the use of the light and the dark. In my opinion, you must know both - to wield the light you must know darkness. It's not as simple black and white as this Mordo character seems and I wonder if he's going to be one of those characters that returns to cause problems for the 'hero' in upcoming Marvel movies. Speaking of heroes, going into the movie & never having read the comic, I had no idea if Doctor Strange was a good guy or bad he seems very ambiguous (even within the movie itself he had to fight to let go of his ego - not an easy task) and I kept wondering why they would make a movie of the bad guy but wondered if he then would have to fight the Avengers etc and thus Marvel needed to tell his back story. Apparently he's mostly a good guy! Which leads me to another point...although I think Cumberbatch is an excellent actor I just don't find him attractive and that was a very small disappointment for me - don't judge me I said it was a minor thing lol.

There are cameos in the movie and after it (so stay until the end after the credits too). Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth to name a couple. At least I got my eye candy fix there with Thor lol!

I'm still convinced that the whole Doctor Strange comic was created during an LSD trip....just my opinion not based on any facts. It was the 60s remember and the time of transcendental meditation...just sayin'

Go see it....
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