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More changes they are a comin'

Slowly things are changing....I no longer get a ride into work now. A coworker from the office used to pick me up has to change driving routes due to construction that's taking place over the next two years on the Gardiner Expressway. So I must budget for transit tokens but that's ok because now that the weather is getting warmer I can walk to the transit station and get in some much needed exercise after such a long winter of inactivity.

It's freeing despite the added monthly cost as I no longer am beholden to when someone else needs to come and go so to speak. I think I'm happier to be honest. I miss walking and listening to MY music but I can do that now instead of listening to the top 40 radio station and getting a play by play of my coworker's life from friends & family to daily meals to bowel movements.

I gained 20lbs recovering from my emergency surgery last year and have been having a hard time getting it off so walking every morning is going to help. Now I just have to figure out what to do about the job and moving on to something that is more meaningful and suited to me. I'd like a few other changes need to happen as well and we'll see what happens there. Who knows what the future holds but I"m hoping with things slowly moving in an upswing direction that this summer will be fantastic.
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