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Victoria Day hanging with gods, superheros + vampires

Victoria Day Long Weekend....a good time to relax and do nothing....

Calling it a day early on Friday as it's Victoria Day Long weekend allows for time to head over to the theatre to watch Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. Now I've never seen the original tv series so I have nothing to compare the movie to.  Was the show campy and comedic or dark and dramatic?  I truly do not know but the movie was definitely the former with lots of hilarious moments that were too many to even recount. The music mostly late 60's and early 70's classics is worthy of mentioning for it's fabulousness and I must remember to buy the CD next time I'm in HMV. I think Tim Burton loves the song Season of the Witch by Donovan (along with the rest of us) as he's used it not only in this movie but in the trailer for Frankenweenie (sp?). As for Depp, he is often called a 'character' actor because he does such an incredible job of bringing characters to life on screen and he does not disappoint in Dark Shadows. Much as he's known for characters such as Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, and Edward Scissorhands so too does he breathe life into the Barnabas Collins to create a truly likeable vampire whom you actually feel sorry for. Eva Green, best remembered in The Kingdom of Heaven; the Golden Compass; and most recently Camelot, plays the witch Angelique whose unrequited love for Barnabas is nothing short of pitiful and she ramps the roll to the hilt brilliantly. Surprisingly refreshing was Chloe Grace Moretz as teenage Carolyn Stoddard. She completely embodied the peace and love vibe of the era.....poster flower child if there ever was! The only thing (and I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it) was a particular part/scene with her character which you never saw coming as there was no inklings throughout the movie to it - threw me for a loop but not in a bad way. Not sure why the writers blatantly decided refrain from providing hints I do not know as there were for all the other characters ie. young David Collins. The movie is definitely worth seeing especially if you love all things campy and paranormal. I promise you it's an afternoon/evening full of laughter. BTW Alice Cooper's cameo as himself = awesome and rocked in all kinds of ways!!!

On Sunday finally got around to seeing the Avengers! The movie is loooooooooong. I think it could have been cut short by at least 30mins but Marvel comic fans will probably lynch me for saying that. I had to wait a good 30 mins for Thor to show up but at least I was kept entertained by Loki played by Tom Hiddleston who did a wonderful job at not making me dislike Loki. I so wanted him to reconcile with his brother Thor and go back to happily ever after yada yada yad. Alas reconciliation wasn't in the script lol (or probably any to follow) but I'm sure that's not a surprise! The movie did provide background on the ensemble of characters for those of us who haven't seen the other films (while we were waiting for Thor to show up ;D). Although Iron Man had the best sarcastic lines I really didn't like his character - too arrogant. Captain America was very sweet and I liked his old fashionness in that it made him more comic book-ish if that makes any sense . Having not watched the other films neither Black Widow nor Hawk Eye (and I love archers *coughrobinhoodcough*) weren't all that exciting. Hulk was interesting when he was Dr. Banner. There was good dynamics between Robert Downey Jr. & Mark Ruffalo in terms of their characters. Hulk has a particularly funny slapstick scene with Loki. And Gwenyth Paltrow as Pepper made Iron Man semi-redeemable and her scene with Agent Coulson added a sense of reality/normality to the movie. I don't know much about Samuel L. Jackson's character Fury but he was a stereo typical military type character but he served his purpose well. The plot was a little thin and things could have moved along faster i.e. there was not need for Black Widow and Loki in the cage scene we got her background from her initial scene and was unnecessary duplication or if Iron Man hadn't interfered with Thor then the movie would have ended right there about 10 mins after Thor arrived....that being said the movie was funny and action packed for a comic book adaptation and will be enjoyed regardless if you know each character or not. Go see it if you like one or more of the characters or comic books or if you just want to hang out with a bunch of gods and superheros.

Went to the EC to check out the RW one get other at half off. Not much left in terms of sizes so I didn't purchase anything....I wish when sales happen they would reserve stock for the whole week because many of the sizes sell out on the first day and then they have nothing to replace it with.....did end up in Old Navy and bought 3 t-shirt with surf graphics though for a whopping $6 each.

Also spent time dealing with some clean up and re-arranging of the condo....the end is in sight really...wait I think I've said that before...well it's closer now anyway.

That was the big class tonight obviously because it's a holiday here!

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