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New Moon & le Weekend

Spent the entire weekend running errands Friday night & Saturday morning. Was so tired ended up collapsing in front of the TV in the afternoon to watch some soccer Real Madrid & Juventus. Good matches both of them. Sunday's plans partially changed...capitulated and watched New Moon in the late afternoon at Rainbow Theatres.

New Moon was much better than the dreadful Twilight. At least New Moon had some better special effects & due to a bigger budget for the film.

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black brought a breath of fresh air to the stale acting of Robert Pattison & Kristen Stewart. He kept reminding me of Rafa Nadal in the early years of his pro tennis career. On occasion he would remind me of my youngest brother as well.

One of the best lines in the movie: "108 degrees right over here". Many really sweet funny moments between Jacob & Bella. When I was in high school there were no boys that sweet.

I was disappointed in Sam. I loved his story in the novel (and there are not many parts I liked in the series...) One thing I did find strange was that in the movie Jacob referred to himself as "werewolves" but in the novel they are clearly defined as "shapeshifters"! Why did they change it I wonder...

Alice was her usual perky self...I'm all for the perky vampire!!! Brooding vampires are so cliche now lol.

Plus not nearly enough Volturi....they left out so much of their story I'm wondering how the producers are going to fill it in enough to be able to properly film the 4th movie. Michael Sheen was brilliant but then again he is brilliant in most of his rolls. The makeup/visual for Aro in the movie didn't adhere to the book version but it didn't really matter. I did see Christopher Heyerdahl as one of the Volturi (dark haired vampire). He has a regular role as John Druitt (aka Jack the Ripper) on Sanctuary.

As I said...Twilight makes me cringe but New Moon was pretty good. Maybe it's because it was "stalker" Edward light. I don't' know about you but I think the choice between warm, sunny Jacob vs cold, reserved Edward is pretty cut & dried if ya ask me *wink*. Oh one asked me.
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